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Risk Management

We recognize the importance of Risk Management as an essential element to the continued success and growth of the company. Our goal is to integrate risk management into all strategic and operational aspects of the Company so that it becomes a part of our approach to decision-making. Through the management of risk we will become more able to successfully adapt to change; anticipate challenges; be fully capable of taking advantage of growth opportunities; and increase our shareholder value.

Our risk management framework is based on existing best practices. In order to achieve our goals, we pledge to:

  • Ensure the implementation of our Risk Management Framework into activities at all levels;
  • Assess internal and external risks and opportunities within our operations and strategy; 
  • Develop risk management tools, training and techniques that enhance decision-making;
  • Implement cost-effective risk control measures to mitigate exposure to loss and instability; 
  • Complement our spirit of entrepreneurship with risk awareness; 
  • Implement appropriate risk financing and transfer strategies to offset the effects of any losses or unwanted volatility, so that the lowest sustainable cost of risk is maintained long term;
  • Measure and report risk management performance to management on a quarterly basis.