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Kuwait Energy continues to

focus on the MENA region

with a direct presence in Iraq, Egypt, Yemen and Oman.


Block 9 (Iraq),

the newly drilled

Faihaa-4 well

is anticipated to commence

production during Q1 2018.


pending infrastructure works, needed for Faihaa-4 commissioning, are progressing well and the Company does not

envisage any further delays. The Company remains on course for the spudding of the


well by the year end;

whilst planning and procurement for the

Fahiaa-6 well

has already begun - with a view to drilling commencing in 2H


The Siba (Iraq) Gas Plant’s

remaining Engineering, Procurement and Construction works are ongoing and nearing

completion. To ensure that

first gas will commence in Q1 2018, the Company intends to carry out the

Commissioning works in parallel with the remaining Electrical & Instrumentation works. Once online, Siba


initially process 50 mmscfd per day, before ramping up to a

plateau of 100 mmscfd in 2H 2018

. In addition to the

main Siba output (100 mmscfd), approximately

15,000 boe (Gross) of additional Gas condensate

is expected when

production reaches the plateau rate


To aid in streamlining our Iraqi Operations, the Company has

recently appointed a new in-country President and

new asset managers to Siba and Block 9.

The new appointments will be charged with

overseeing and ensuring the

completion of the Company’s pending Iraqi projects – further increasing in-country production


One significant effect

of the

increased Iraqi production

is that the Company can plan for a greater frequency of crude cargo payment of a

similar size to the recent SOMO shipment (

800,000 bbls of Basra Light




, Kuwait Energy will continue its successful

well management and work over program

to optimize

production from its mature assets.



, Kuwait Energy continues to monitor the situation and is

operationally-ready to

commence production

when the situation permits.


As part of our HSSE efforts, Kuwait Energy continues to apply the leading HSSE auditing programs; as shown by

Egypt’s Area A and Cairo Office’s

renewal of their ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications - now valid until

April 2018